Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who swung Iris?

Hi, before we show who swung Iris, just want to share what's going on in our life lately. Enjoy the piccas below: 

Massaging together
Early in september, we had a massage session together. This massaging chair belong to our Tok Bah and Tok Mak. We enjoy massaging here. So relieving.

Late in September, we had a visit to a clinic since I was attacked by athma. See how weak I was.

Look how excited Iris in this video, wish I can joined her.

After I had recovered from my athma, we went to the "JJ baru: playground. I don't care how expensive the playground is as long as we are happy. It's about RM8 per entry per person. Fuih, luckily they don't charged our parents as they need to enter the playground too to look after us.

Iris is somewhere else.

Actually, our parents were very happy on this day, that's why we had the opportunity to play at the JJ Baru playground.

 Last thursday, we also went to an Immigration office to renew our passport. Our parents said that we are going to UK next month. Yeay. I was so excited but I don't know why. But Mummy seems to be a litle bit sad. See how sad she was in the picture.

While waiting for our passports, we had a lunch at Tasik Ayer Keroh. Since there is a playground there, we took our best opportunity to play eventhough it was high noon.

Enjoy the video below. I wonder who was swinging Iris. Jeng jeng jeng...


Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Seronoknya ank2 umi ni...siap nyanyi lalalalalaaa lg adik! hhihihi..cuteness! mmuahhhs..!:)

mommaholicSURI said...

Wah iris.. begitu lincah sekali. Dah pandai panjat and lompat. Hihi.

Zahin relax jer kene nebulize ek. kalau Oman tu, dah perang besar dah tu. Zahin selalu ker kene attack Athma, Izu? Semoga Zahin sihat2 selalu k.

Muka Ummi nampak letih and sayu sikit in this entry. Izu sedih nak tinggalkan kitorang kat sini yer? hihi. Dun worry, will can still be connected through this blog and ummi's blog kan. Adik Zahin and Iris lahir kat sana ke nanti?

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Iris mmg Nuurill, mcm Zahin jgk..sgt ligat..hehe.

Zahin tk sll kene attact athma tp since bln 11 lst yr yg dia kene warded tu, adalah dlm 3-4x kene beb..jd dia mcm dh biasa..fes time kene kt hospital lst yr tu mmg bperang la..sian dia. hrp Oman tk kene athma..:)

Huhu mmg sedih dn sayu hati izu ni..hrp2 kt sana nti i cn handle everything esp kids well..takut la Nuurill, kt sini bley blk2 kg..mak n adik2 tlg jg bdk2 ni..kt sana nti most of the time seniri2 la..huhu..doakan izu sht, kuat eh. :)

p.s So far tentatively, may be adik zahin n iris lhr kt sana. huuu tkt!!

yatispeed said...

i love you, girls..chik gonna miss you damn so much for the next 4 fucking years..what will syira do without all of you??